Zelda Spellman
Enchanted Vacation (1)
General Information
Age: 16 (Sabrina: The Animated Series)
32 (Sabrina: Friends Forever)
33 (Sabrina's Secret Life)
Species: Witch
Resides: Greendale
Occupation: Witch
Powers/Abilities: Witchcraft
Family: *Warwick Spellman (Father)
Series Information
First seen: Most Dangerous Witch
Last seen: The Bat Pack
Portrayed by: Melissa Joan Hart

Zelda Spellman is a main character of Sabrina: The Animated Series, and Sabrina's Secret Life. She is voiced by Melissa Joan Hart.


Zelda is a full witch who was turned into a teenager by the Witch's council. She and her sister Hilda can only be turned back to their normal selves if they use magic in moderation and for good reasons. She tends to be a little more responsible with her magic than Hilda, but at times she uses her magic for nonsense too. Zelda lives with Hilda, Uncle Quigley, their cat Salem and her niece Sabrina in Greendale.

Physical Description

She wears a red blouse and blue bell bottom pants in addition to a pair of blue glasses, and has long strawberry blonde hair. Whenever she casts a spell, the magic produced is always blue and yellow.


Sabrina: The Animated Series

Sabrina: Friends Forever

Sabrina's Secret Life