Zamboni Spellman is the great-uncle of Sabrina Spellman.


Zamboni Spellman is not only known to be the oldest Spellman but also the head of the family. He arrived in Greendale for a visit, upon arriving he had Hilda and Zelda act like his servants while Salem kissed up to him due to his influence with the Witches Council in hopes of convicting them to change him back into his warlock self, however Pi mistook Zamboni as a UFO due to his chair flying above Greendale.

After the discovery that Pi has created a device that can track magical powers, Zamboni tells the family that they need to turn him into a amphibian creature in order to protect the secret, but Sabrina instead convince him to instead let her prevent the search for the UFO, which he agreed only because it's time for Hilda or Zelda to shave his back. Later he become enraged upon learning that Hilda has ruined his chair due to fixing it, unfortunately his anger cause Pi's device to pick up the magical energy and called Harvey and the news crew to come to Sabrina's house.

Later, Zamboni admits that the chair is still sit worthy, however upon seeing Pi and almost half the citizens at the Spellman's house, Zamboni came up with a plan to get rid of the mortals. However, Sabrina talks back to him telling him that because of his character traits he has no friends and that people will only listen to him because they are afraid of him. And while it seems that Zamboni was impressed that Sabrina was the first person to talk back to him, it was later shown that he didn't like it and plans to cast the spell. Luckily Sabrina used her magic to interfere with Pi's device, resulting in the town believing that the device didn't work.

After coming back with a small cauldron of the ingredients to cast a spell, Zamboni discovered that's Sabrina have took care of the problem which Zamboni didn't like as he liked the old ways of turning people into frogs rather than letting them go. As he walked to the refrigerator Zamboni discovered that there was no food in the refrigerator (courtesy of Zelda casting a spell before Zamboni arrived at the kitchen) and decided to leave Greendale, but not before Salem telling him to talk to the Witches Council to change him back but Zamboni refused to do that deed as use his magic to levitate out of the Spellman house, but not before Sabrina help Pi by giving him a camera take a picture of Zamboni and his flying chair, confirming that a UFO arrive that Greendale.