You've Got A Friend is the 53rd episode of Sabrina the Animated Series.


Harvey's favorite show, Billy-Go-Boom-Boom has been cancelled. He begins to freak because everything is changing, nothing stays the same, soon he'll be an old man. Sabrina, not wanting her best friend eternally bummed, casts a spell to make Harvey's childhood imaginary friend, Mort, appear. Harvey is ecstatic to be back in the company of his ol' chum and Sabrina is pleased. That is until Mort's childish antics cause trouble around school and Harvey and Sabrina wind up taking the blame. Sabrina is determined to get rid of Mort before he does real damage, but Harvey wants him to stay. Sabrina knows the only way to get rid of Mort is to convince Harvey that he doesn't need his imaginary friend anymore. Harvey decides to forge into young adulthood without him.