Witch Switch is the 6th episode of Sabrina the Animated Series.


Tired of having both her mortal and witch chores, Sabrina receives a necklace from the Spooky Jar that allows her to switch lives with Gem. Sabrina is jealous of Gem's rich mortal life, only to discover after being swapped for a day that she much prefers her own. Sabrina tries to reunite the necklace together with Gem, which is easier said than done, as Gem is now a witch. Using a time freezing spell, Sabrina is able to reunite their necklaces while Gem is frozen, realizing how grateful she is for her own life and family.


  • It was never explain how Gem was able to manage to overpower Hilda and Zelda since she's a half witch while both are full witches.
  • Total rich Parent Gem stone is 100M U$D
  • Sabrina's necklace changes to turquoise in some of the scenes.
  • Chloe is absent.