What In A Name? is the 20th episode of Sabrina's Secret Life.


Sabrina and Cassandra are on a mission to find the rarest herb known to witches: "Salviar Mascaria"; after Sabrina accidentally spills all of it in her potion; and that causes it to explode, drowning her, Cassandra, and Mr. Snipe in the remainders of the potion. When they get to the Netherworld, Cassandra (accompanied with Mavista) and Sabrina (accompanied with Salem) compete to find it first; but they hold each other back at the start: Cassandra makes Sabrina's legs rooted to the ground; and Sabrina turns Cassandra into a living doll. Cassandra then manages to find the herb, but it is a trap, and she and Mavista get eaten by a dragon. After they manage to get out of the dragon, they come face-to-face with Sabrina and Salem, who have also managed to find the herb. Sabrina and Cassandra both start casting rapid spells at each other, that causes Salem and Mavista to turn into stuffed animals. They then get help from a familiar tree that they had saved before, and with his advice manage to follow the right path, until they get lost. They then call a truce just as Salem and Mavista turn back into real animals; who also call a truce between each other. Along the way they both try to repair "The Forgotten Bridge"; but Sabrina's and Cassandra's spell backfires, and a monster made of rock chases after them, crushing the herb along the way. They then run into the "Grey Area", and Sabrina tries to find a way out; until they find a beautiful kingdom ran by a Cyclops who has an entire field filled with "Salviar Mascaria". Cassandra and Salem take some, planning to use it to become rich (Cassandra) and take over the world (Salem). The Cyclops appears and traps them in a cage, as he is planning to eat them. Sabrina and Cyclops learn their lesson; after his feelings got hurt when Cassandra called him names. They then return back to Mr. Snipe within the two-hour curfew with the "Salviar Mascaria".