Strange New World is the 51st episode of Sabrina the Animated Series.


When Sabrina is in desperate need of a lab partner, she uses magic to bring a young Thomas Edison to the present to help with her science project. However because of his absence in the past, all of the inventions he created began to disappear and if she doesn't get him back soon, they will be thrown out of existence.

Original Ending Scenes

In the original ending of the episode, When Gems' project malfunction, Sabrina, Harvey, Chloe and the other students are trapped in her gravity, and started circling her, which she then called for Hans, the scientist she hired to build her the project, but he was taken to detention.


  • Instead of her normal pink and white top with a pink skirt and pink sneakers, Sabrina instead wears a blue green top, with blue jeans and black sneakers.