Shrink To Fit is the 11th episode of Sabrina the Animated Series.


Believing that Guys (mostly Harvey) prefer skinnier girls with skinny jeans, Sabrina and Chloe went to by a pair, only to discover that they don't fit. So they use the Spooky Jar to create a scale that'll skin in size in order to fit in the jeans. However it turns out that beside losing a few pounds, the scale cause them to shrink in size and only have a few hours to return back to their size or they'll size out of existence.


Having learned that Salem has fleas, Hilda and Zelda plan to give him a flea bath.


  • Goof: After shrinking down to the point where they no longer can wear their clothes, Sabrina and Chloe were seen wearing socks as their own clothing, but how could they got socks as the sandals their wore don't have any.
  • Goof: Even after managing to find small clothes that can fit them, there was no way the doll clothes could shrink with Sabrina and Chloe as only their bodies can shrink and not their clothes.