Salem Saberhagen
Salem the cat
General Information
Age: Unknown
Species: Warlock/Cat
Resides: Greendale
Occupation: Unknown
Powers/Abilities: Witchcraft/ Smooth talker
Nicknames: Unknown
Friends: Edward Spellman
Hilda Spellman
Zelda Spellman
Quigley Spellman
Warwick Spellman
Sabrina Spellman
Maroot Spellman
Enemies: Gem Stone, Enchantra
Frenemies: Hephastus
Romances: Scheherezade (Ex fiancé)
Series Information
First seen: Most Dangerous Witch
Last seen: Baby Makes Three
Portrayed by: Nick Bakay[1]
Louis Chirillo[2] (Friends Forever)
Maurice LaMarche[3] (Sabrina's Secret Life)

Salem Saberhagen[4][5][6][7][8] is a warlock who was turned into a cat by the Witch's council due to some trouble he got himself in (World domination). He now resides in Greendale with the Spellman family.

When Sabrina has a problem and wants to fix it with magic, Salem often encourages her, or even supplies her with a magical object to help her fix her problem, which usually makes things worse for Sabrina. For example, in "No Time To Be A Hero," he gives her an hourglass that allows her to go back in time. In "Anywhere But Here," Salem gave Sabrina the watch that she uses to fast-forward herself to adulthood.

Nonetheless, he has a great big heart and cares for Sabrina.

Episode Appearances

Sabrina: The Animated Series

Sabrina's Secret Life


  • His relationship with Sabrina is similar to Ms. Frizzle and Liz on The Magic School Bus
  • In the original animated series, he's voiced by Nick Bakay, who respectively played him in the original live action series


Sabrina: The Animated Series

Sabrina's Secret Life


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