Sabrina Victoria Spellman[3][4], the titular main protagonist of the series, is a half witch–half mortal who won't become magically empowered until she's 16. But age doesn't stop her from using magic. Sabrina uses her imagination while her aunts Hilda and Zelda uses a magical "Spooky Jar". Her one enemy, Gemini Stone, is sometimes jealous of Sabrina hanging with Harvey Kinkle.

About Sabrina

Physical Description

Sabrina has long blonde hair with blue eyes and often wears star and moon earrings and pink hairclips. In the first show Sabrina: The Animated Series, her signature outfit was a white tank top with a pink stripe that shows her midriff but not her belly button, a pink miniskirt, white socks, and wears white and pink sneakers.

In her second show Sabrina's Secret Life, her signature outfit was a purple sweatshirt midriff revealing a hoodie with a pink stripe that shows her belly button, pink pants, and wears white and pink shoes.


Sabrina has a very amiable, extravert, outgoing personality. She is also very brave. She stands up for her friends and tries to help them whenever she can. Sometimes she can be selfish and use her magic for her own pleasure, but at the end of the day she usually realizes abusing magic is wrong and learns from her mistakes.

Sabrina is very social and tries hard to fit in at school, even if it means using spells to do it. Like when she made clones of herself so she could join every school club or when she and Chloe used a shrink spell to fit into a pair of Waif Moth jeans. But when the spells backfire, Sabrina realizes being herself, doing what makes her happy, and not caring so much what other people think is better than trying so hard to fit in.


Harvey Kinkle

Harvey Kinkle

Sabrina usually hangs around with Harvey, who is Sabrina's love interest. Harvey loves to skateboard. Sometimes she and her enemy, Gemini " Gem" Stone are competing to go out with Harvey. Harvey really likes Sabrina. Harvey even kissed Sabrina in the episode, "You've Got a Friend in me." In "Anywhere But Here," when Sabrina fast-forwards herself to adulthood, she finds that Harvey is her husband and they have three kids.

Chloe Flan

Chloe Flan

Sabrina's other friend is Chloe. She is the only mortal other than Uncle Quigley who knows that she's a witch. She and Sabrina do magic together sometimes. Chloe usually insists using the Spooky Jar or bewitching, and of course she also is bullied by Gem. Chloe has brown skin and a ponytail along with a blue dress. Chloe helps Sabrina in many situations that others won't understand, specifically witchcraft although she isn't a witch.


Gemini Stone.jpg

Sabrina's enemy is the wealthy Gemini Stone. Gem has lots of money which is why she is able to pay money to others and have them make Sabrina's day miserable. She has a crush on Harvey which is stated on a top column, so she and Sabrina have fights to ask him out. Gemini has parties and usually doesn't invite Sabrina and Chloe. Gem also uses helpers her father ordered to help her on projects and such. Gem saw Sabrina's power in some episodes but Gem still is pure evil and is always competing something with Sabrina.



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Zelda is the smarty pants in the house. She's very responsible at times. Usually, she casts spells for very imperative reasons. She has a lab downstairs in the basement, and recommends Sabrina not touching the Spooky Jar again. She and Hilda sometimes have big fights over nothing though.


The fashion sister who is quite dumb but kinda funny. She has olive skin and is always wearing a strapless purple mini-dress. She usually drools over boys or talks about them which usually causes a fight between the sisters. Unlike Zelda, Hilda doesn't care if Sabrina touches the Spooky Jar.

Uncle Quigley

Uncle Quigley owns the house and is very sweet. He has everyone do their job and do it right. He encourages Sabrina to behave and not use witchcraft to solve her problems.

Powers and Abilities



Sabrina can't access her full powers until she's sixteen but, thanks to training and help from the Spooky Jar, she can still cast spells. When Sabrina casts a spell the magic produced is pink and yellow. 


There are many spells casted on people such as Gemini or Harvey. Sabrina casts spells to make her or others  life better. she usually asks her cat Salem for help. later she realizes that the spells were a bad idea and figures a way out of the problem.


Gemini and Harvey both have seen Sabrina's magic in problems, but Sabrina persuades both of them with excuses to cover it. Sometimes she tells Harvey it‘s a dream, other times something happens before she can explain it. Harvey has once mistaken Sabrina for a superhero. Gem has no excuse though, but she does make Gem think it‘s not real somehow.


A gallery of whenever Sabrina wears something, other than her casual clothes.


  • She was born October 18, 1987, making her 33 as of October 2020.
  • She is of Irish and Italian descent.
  • Her middle name is Victoria.
  • In “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, her father is named Lucifer Morningstar,
  • Since she’s half human, she can’t levitate like the full-blooded witches.
  • She received her first wand on her 13th birthday.
  • She has a line resembling half of a 5-pointed star on her right palm, indicating that she is half witch in “Sabrina: Friends Forever”. Full-blooded witches have a complete star.
  • In the 2012 series starring Ashley Tisdale, Sabrina is a princess.
  • Her scream is heard in Boogie Shoes, reused on Picture PerfectShrink To Fit, Wag the Witch, I Got Glue Babe, Boy Meets Bike, Molar Molar [shortened], When In Rome twice, Hexcalibur, Brina Baby, Witchwrecked, Truth or Scare twice, and Working Witches.

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