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My Stepmother The Babe is the 27th episode of Sabrina the Animated Series.


Sabrina's dad has a fiancé, and a jealous Sabrina casts a spell to make her like her. But Sabrina's dad wants a mature woman and doesn't like the change.


Sabrina's dad gets a fiancé named Futura Hyde. Sabrina is surprised by this and quickly becomes jealous. Futura, an antique dealer, wins over the household with her kind nature.

Sabrina tries to make her dad get rid of Futura by making Futura angry at her, but Futura, laughs it off. After a talk with Harvey, Sabrina goes to Salem and asks him to make Futura just like her. Salem gives Sabrina a magic mirror, which if one looks in it, they become mentally a 12 year old.

Sabrina shows the mirror to Futura, but Futura seems unaffected. Sabrina's dad comes down, and tells Sabrina Futura said they should both have quality time together, but Futura bursts down dressing and acting like Sabrina.