Sabrina The Animated Series - La Femme Sabrina

Sabrina The Animated Series - La Femme Sabrina

La Femme Sabrina is the 64th episode of Sabrina the Animated Series.


Harvey has a dream about being in one of his favorite spy flicks. When he wakes up he becomes so excited that he runs to Sabrina's house and starts jumping on her bed. She is exhausted from getting no sleep, and when they finally get to the stand, Harvey becomes crushed noticing that his favorite spy flick was postponed. To pull him out his sorrows, Sabrina uses magic to get him a copy of the spy flick that he wanted, but it all ends up backfiring when the world is turned into an actual spy flick and her and Harvey are forced to complete the mission in order the break spell cast upon Greendale.


  • The title for this episode is take on the 1990 film La Femme Nikita which starred Anne Parillaud as the title character.
  • Last appearance of Harvey and Quigley.
  • Furfinger, the character in which Salem was turned into as a result of the spell that was cast upon Greendale, is a parody of the James Bond villain known as the infamous Auric Goldfinger.