Harvey Kinkle
Xabrina Warrior Witch (6)
General Information
Age: 12-13 (Sabrina: The Animated Series)
14 (Sabrina's Secret Life)
17 (in comics)
Species: Mortal
Giant lizard monster (Harvzilla temporarily)
Resides: Greendale
Occupation: Student
Nicknames: Harv
Kinkle Cut-Fries
Captain Harvtastic
Family: *Bonnie Kinkle (mother)
Friends: Sabrina Spellman
Chloe Flan
Gem Stone (sometimes)
Nicole Candler
Devin Degaulle (Feats of Clay in only appearance)
Pet(s): Scheherazade and Bilbo (former pets)
Enemies: Gem Stone
Tim the Witchsmeller

Charles MBA
Ninjas (Feats of Clay in only appearance)

Frenemies: Cassandra
Romances: Sabrina Spellman
Series Information
First seen: Most Dangerous Witch
Last seen: A Midsummer Nightmare
Portrayed by: Bill Switzer[1]
Michael Monroe Heyward[2] (Sabrina's Secret Life)

Harvey Kinkle[3] is Sabrina's love interest and childhood best friend. He is voiced by Bill Switzer.

Physical Description

He has a handsome personality. While he only admits to Sabrina that she is his "best pal," he likes her very much. However, Harvey is unaware Sabrina is a witch although often sees the results of the magic himself. He loves Sabrina very much but he like to kisses her. He loves rides a bike, loves skateboarding, plays arcade games.

He is 12-13 (14 in Sabrina's Secret Life) years old.

Physical Appearance

He has a short brown hair and brown eyes and wears an black graphic t-shirt with a green alien head, red and white striped underwear boxer short, khaki pants, and athletic tennis shoes. In Sabrina's Secret Life, he wears a maroon shirt, white undershirt, charcoal pants, and red shoes in aged-up version.


Throughout all series, he's always constantly caught up in Sabrina's schemes. He enjoys skateboarding and is usually dense and oblivious about his childhood friend's secret magical ability. Harvey's experiences involving magic are brushed away, usually with him thinking it was hallucinations or dreams.

He and Sabrina have shown to have crushes on each other throughout the series, but they struggle to express their feelings because of their shyness. Their relationship is hindered by Gem Stone (Animated Series) and sometimes Cassandra (Sabrina's Secret Life). Gem has a crush on him too, but he's indifferent to her, and even gets annoyed of Gem's attitude and behavior towards Sabrina.

In the episode, "You've Got a Friend," Harvey and Sabrina kiss. Also, in the episode, "Anywhere But Here," in Sabrina's adult life he is her husband with three kids.

And, in "La Femme Sabrina," in the duration of the spell that turned reality into the Pound Sterling movie Harvey wanted, in the scene where he and Sabrina enter the "formal wear" scene, he comments that she "looks good!"

At the end of "Harvzilla" he tells her that he was a having a dream where he "was mean to all my friends, even you Sabrina," implying that she is the last person he would ever want to be mean to.

In "Truth or Scare," when Sabrina is in the Deer Tick Mine on Gem's dare, he soon enters the cave and finds her, saying, "Pi told me what you were up to. You think I was gonna let you do something this stupid without me? I mean, this stupid without me here to make sure you're okay?" which implies he cares about her safety and doesn't want her to do something dangerous or fun without him. Also in that episode, Sabrina gives Harvey a small kiss for saving her and Salem from the carnivorous roots and deranged rodents.

In "Witchwrecked," when he, Chloe, Bernard and Slugloafe are trapped in cages and nets, he says he's more worried about Sabrina, who managed to avoid being trapped at the same time they did. He also comes to rescue her again when crazy Salem traps her, and she runs to him and hugs him.


Sabrina: The Animated Series

Sabrina's Secret Life


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