Edward Spellman
Edward Spellman
General Information
Age: 30's
Resides: Greendale
Family: *Warwick Spellman (Father)
Romances: *Diana Spellman (ex-wife)
Series Information
First seen: My Step Mother The Babe

Edward Spellman is Sabrina’s father, Hilda and Zelda’s brother, Futura’s fiancé and Diana Spellman‘s ex-husband. He only appears in the episode My Stepmother The Babe when he announces that he’s engaged to a woman named Futura much to Sabrina’s dismay. Sabrina is jealous of Futura because she’s getting all of her father’s attention. But realizing that he was ignoring her, Edward says he’s sorry and goes to The Open House at Sabrina’s school. It’s unknown if he and Futura are still engaged.