Charles MBA is an executive of Vicious Video and the one-time villain of the series.


He first appeared in the episode "Xabrina Warrior Witch" where he visits the arcade and discovers that Harvey just defeated another video game that he worked for. He then asked Harvey to test a new game. Later at Harvey's house when the programmers were installing the game, he informs him and the girls about the game being a virtual reality game of mazes and Greek myths, But when one of the programmers tried to tell him about the flaw, Charles yelled at him stating there's no flaw in the game, just minor glitches.

He later appeared again when a secretary told Sabrina that he's in a meeting and wouldn't be available next week.

Later after Sabrina and Chloe entered the game and find Harvey, he appeared in the game as a wizard using a virtual reality helmet and wondered how Sabrina and Chloe even got into the game. He then revealed his plan to use his game to trap kids into the game so they wouldn't play his video games no more, and to make sure Sabrina and the others don't tell anyone about it he created multi-clones of himself and told them in order to win the game they have to defeat all of him. Luckily Sabrina used the horn she got from the centaur and the beauty cosmetic kid from Aphrodite to give Charles a bad case of the sneeze so much that he and the clones sneezed Sabrina,Harvey and Chloe out of the game and into the real world.

Just then one of the programmers arrive to Harvey's House and told them that Charles sneeze so hard he sneeze out of his office and no one ever saw him since.


  • (Right before he and his copies sneeze) How Could one little girl undo all my evil deeds?


  • Charles MBA is the only human villain that Sabrina had ever encountered and defeated in the show.
  • According to Charles, he is allergic to perfumes, nail-polish, hairspray and other female cosmetics.