Cassandra/Portia is an enemy in Sabrina: Friends Forever and a replacement for Gem Stone in Sabrina's Secret Life. She is voiced by Carly McKillip and Tifanie Christun. She is a wicked, selfish teenager who hates Sabrina and is niece of Enchantra queen of the witches.

Cassandra has brown hair in Sabrina's Secret Life.

In Sabrina: Friends Forever, her name is Portia and she has Auburn hair.


She first appeared with blonde hair and sunglasses, though she was nameless and was part of Gem Stone's clique in Sabrina: The Animated Series.

In Sabrina: Friends Forever, she's called Portia and is the head girl of the Witch Boarding School. She hates half-witches, and bullies Nicole for being one. She desperately wants to win the award of being the best witch, but at the end; she becomes upset when Sabrina wins.

In Sabrina's Secret Life, she's Enchantra's niece and attends the same school as Sabrina, and also her witchcraft classes. She's the replacement of Gem Stone and acted like her in the first episodes; but she became much kinder as the series progresses. She was portrayed as Sabrina's enemy at first, later frenemy and, at the series finale, they became good friends.

Cass has two sidekicks in Secret Life: Margaux and Tiffany.

Physical Appearance

She has Long brown hair and green eyes. She wears a light green-and-white top and dangling golden earrings. As Portia in Sabrina Friends Forever, she wore lavender eyeshadow and light pink lip gloss with golden earrings too, like Cassandra. She also wears a black cloak and a black witch hat to match.


Sabrina: The Animated Series

Sabrina: Friends Forever

Sabrina's Secret Life


Sabrina: The Animated Series

Sabrina: Friends Forever

Sabrina's Secret Life

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