Brina Baby is the 55th episode of Sabrina the Animated Series.


Sabrina abuses her magic one too many times and Quigley is not pleased. He warns her of the consequences of goofing off. Sabrina, not wanting to be a failure in adulthood, swears off magic altogether! Suddenly, strange things start happening around the house. The whole family is shocked when they discover that Sabrina's inner witchlet is the culprit. She then must decide between keeping her vow (not to use magic) or face the consequences and save her family from the havoc that her little self has wrought.


  • The outfit that Sabrina wore in her fantasy is the same one she wore as an adult in "Anywhere But Here".
  • List of things Sabrina's Inner Child did while Sabrina sleeping.
    • Eating the creamy frosting center of cookies.
    • Covered Hilda in TP.
    • cutting up all of Uncle Quigley into paper dolls.
    • Tying a rubber mouse on Salem's Tail.
    • Crayoning Zelda's Room.
    • Stealing Gem's Polo Ponies.
    • Turning the house into a gingerbread house.
    • Stealing the town's itsy bitsy babies dolls.
  • This episode revealed that breaking a oath will cause netherworld dogs to chase the owner's cat.