Best of Show is the 16th episode of Sabrina's Secret Life.


When Cassandra gets an A+ on her story, and Sabrina an A-, she is furious and determined to beat Cassandra at something. Harvey intends to enter his dog Billbow, in a dog show, and Sabrina becomes his trainer; but she takes the competition a little too seriously and gets fired, only using him to beat Cassandra who intends to enter her 'dog' too in the contest. Her 'dog' is actually her bunny, whom she transforms into a poodle, and names him Olympia. Sabrina then finds out and turns Salem into a dog; whom she enters into the dog show. They both use magic to cheat in the dog show, and Cassandra uses catnip to distract Salem while he is doing his talent: skating with magic rollerblades. In the end, Harvey and Billbow win the "Best of Show" contest.